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    Jan Klos (@jan-klos)
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    I must be misunderstanding/missing something. I have noticed that the test patterns (after white level adjustment, which seems NOT affected by Mac’s color management) generated by DisplayCAL are subject to the selected display profile (in System Preferences), Night Shift etc.

    I don’t get it. If the test patterns’ colors are different depending on the selected profile, then the result will obviously differ as well, won’t it?

    AFAIK on Windows, by default, color profiles are only applied to photos etc. in supporting applications (although this can be changed to system-wide, obviously). However, on Mac, setting e.g. ‘ACES CG Linear’ for a display will make EVERYTHING on that display noticeably darker, including the test patterns. I have not found a way to disable color management on MacOs.


    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    you may not change the display profile during measurements, this will interfere with the results. Same for engaging night shift.

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