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    Hi, Im getting this error “Key does not exist: (0,0,100)” when using my i1 DisplayPro Colorimeter using a currently made Correction.

    For the correction I used my Colorimeter and a i1 Studio Spectrometer.  After a few minutes I get this error. If I used an older correction that I made a few months ago using the same instruments I don’t get this error.

    I’m using a Flanders CM 250, and if I use the standard correction: ” RGB OLED (Sony PVM-2541″ also I don’t get any problems and the calibration works fine, although I don’t know how accurate is since the correction is meant for a Sony monitor.

    Also, I have noticed that the current correction and the older one that works, have different values. If using the same monitor, is it needed to create a correction every time I do a calibration, or the older one should work. I’m assuming that it’d be better to make a correction each time you make a calibration, no?

    I attach screen grabs from the results of the correction that fails.

    Thank you.

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    Get CCMX and ti3 values (or whatever files were generated) and send them to Graeme Gill in ARgyllCMS list. If there is a bug in ccxxmake he will fix it.

    If there was a misread, a very weird XYZ value captured by i1d3 or i1studio, redo it.


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    Thanks, I sent him an email.

    Although I’m not sure if my Colorimeter is working fine. Today i tried again, and while measuring the first step to adjust my monitor settings, the Red and Green  kept changing noticeably and I wasn’t even able to adjust my monitor settings to get the green check mark and start the calibration. I continued the process anyway, and it stopped with the same error. Strange.


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    Same Panel as the RGB Sony’s. I messaged FSI and they confirmed with me.

    I have no idea why Sony doesn’t include the ability to input internal 3D LUT’s. You need an external box. Thousands of dollars and yet lack this feature. FSI is a better monitor for that.

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