DisplayCAL 3.7.1 released

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] Measurement report: Updated Fogra Media Wedge V3 evaluation criteria to ISO 12647-7:2016 version of the standard (use ΔE*00 and ΔCh for CMY gray).
  • [Enhancement] Measurement report: Moved ΔICtCp to general evaluation criteria so it can be shown in the additional statistics for all available criteria.
  • [Enhancement] Updated simplified chinese translation (thanks to Mars).
  • [Enhancement] Full field pattern insertion: Support the latest ArgyllCMS 2.0.2 Beta development code.
  • [Enhancement] [UI] Consistency: When changing the verification chart, set the simulate whitepoint relative to display profile whitepoint option according to the simulation profile (just as when changing the simuation profile itself) and don’t reset the simulate whitepoint option when changing the simulation profile.
  • [Cosmetic] Automatically fall back to the default verification chart if the selected one no longer exists (due to the chart file having been moved or deleted).
  • [Cosmetic] Detect highly non-monotonic luminance responses when creating shaper curves (intended to let creating a profile from highly non-monotonic measurements fail just as before, but with a nicer, more descriptive error message instead of the raw exception from the underlying fitting function).
  • [Cosmetic] When creating a profile fails and results in an error dialog, do not show the superfluous additional “profiling not finished” message.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Minor] Restored the ability to create colorimeter corrections for virtual displays, which was accidentally removed in DisplayCAL 3.7.
  • [Trivial] madVR (Linux, macOS): Querying the madVR configured black & white level didn’t work via the madVR network protocol.
  • [Cosmetic] madVR (Linux, macOS, Windows when using pattern insertion): Prevent lingering madTPG OSD messages.
  • [Cosmetic] [UI] macOS: Incorrect rendering of splash screen under macOS 10.14 Mojave.

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