DisplayCAL 3.7.2 released

Phasing out 0install support. While the 0install version of DisplayCAL, which was originally introduced as a replacement for the long-defunct Autopackage system under Linux, has had its uses, the low distribution (around 6%) of 0install versus the standalone version does no longer warrant the additional time and work needed to maintain this separate deployment path. 0install support will thus be phased out with this version, which is only available as “standalone” installation. Windows and macOS users will be updated automatically to the standalone version. Linux users should switch to a standalone package at their earliest convenience.
There will be a transition period of a few months during which old 0install versions will continue to run, but after which the respective online infrastructure will be decommissioned.

Added in this release:

  • [UI] Russian and ukrainian localization (thanks to Alex Sikorsky).

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] Apply black point correction/compensation to measurement data directly instead of device-to-PCS table (improves smoothness of profiles for displays with not very neutral black).
  • [Enhancement] Optimize single gamma curve without offset to single gamma value.
  • [Enhancement] Network: Get rid of gethostbyname usage because it can have a long delay.
  • [UI] Updated traditional chinese localization (thanks to 楊添明).

Fixed in this release:

  • [Minor] Fallback TRC tags were created using a wrong backward matrix when using ArgyllCMS 2.0.2b or newer.
  • [Trivial] When connecting to a pattern generator, closing the connection dialog should be equivalent to cancelling.
  • [Cosmetic] [UI] Show a dialog while the UI is blocked when connecting to madTPG.
  • [Cosmetic] [UI] Do not show the visual whitepoint editor fullscreen warning if using a pattern generator.
  • [Cosmetic] [UI] Synthetic ICC creator: Set chromatic adaptation up/down arrow increment to 0.0001.
  • [Cosmetic] [UI] Synthetic ICC creator: Hide (unused) hue & saturation controls for SMPTE 2084 hard clip.