DisplayCAL 3.1.6 released

Added in this release:

  • HDR/SMPTE 2084: Advanced options to specify maximum content light level for roll-off (use with care!) as well as content colorspace (affects perceptual intent gamut mapping, less so colorimetric).

Changed in this release:

  • Increased timeout to launch Argyll CMS tools to 20 seconds.
  • Show failed items when otherwise successfully importing colorimeter corrections, and detect updated CCSS files.
  • HDR/SMPTE 2084: Improve overall saturation preservation.
  • Linux/colord: When checking for a valid colord device ID, also try with manufacturer omitted.
  • Windows Vista and later: Use “known folders” API to determine path to “Downloads” directory.

Fixed in this release:

  • HDR/SMPTE 2084: Slightly too light near-black tones when black output offset was set to below 100%.
  • Synthetic ICC Profile Creator: Undefined variable when creating synthetic profile with custom gamma or BT.1886 and non-zero black level (regression of HDR-related changes made in 3.1.5).
  • When loading settings from a profile created with DisplayCAL prior to 3.1.5 and custom 3D LUT tone curve gamma in DisplayCAL 3.1.5, the gamma and output offset controls wouldn’t be shown if advanced options weren’t enabled until re-selecting the tone curve choice.
  • Cosmetic (Windows 10): Banner would go blank under some Windows 10 configurations when showing the profile or 3D LUT installation dialog.
  • Cosmetic (Linux): Missing backgrounds and wrongly sized combo boxes when wxGTK is built against GTK3.
  • Linux: Profile loader autostart entry was installed under wrong (mixed-case) name if installing for the current user, which lead to the loader unnecesarily being run twice if DisplayCAL was installed from a RPM or DEB package. The superfluous loader entry will be automatically removed the next time you install a profile, or you can remove it manually by running rm ~/.config/autostart/z-DisplayCAL-apply-profiles.desktop in a terminal.
  • Linux/colord: Don’t cache device IDs that are not the result of a successful query.
  • Windows: Make elevated subprocess calls synchronous. Fixes importing colorimeter corrections system-wide not listing all succesfully imported items on the first use.