DisplayCAL 0install Setup (Windows) breakage fix

The code-signed DisplayCAL-0install-Setup executables released on October 21, 2016 and available until October 24, 2016 15:25 (CEST) had a problem with mismatching feed URLs (due to the unintended use of HTTPS) and thus breaking the install. If you downloaded one of these affected setup executables, please uninstall and re-download.

File sizes and MD5 checksums of the new, fixed setup executables:

File name File size MD5
DisplayCAL-0install-Setup.exe 1.551.304 Bytes 08B2F73EB35390B4A1778441719F8194
DisplayCAL-0install-Setup-per-user.exe 974.024 Bytes DB650541D28F0AEFCDEB37673B5C2B8B

DisplayCAL (Windows) has been released

Changed in this release:

  • Windows: Toggling the “Load calibration on login” checkbox in the profile installation dialog now also toggles preserving calibration state in the profile loader and vice versa, thus actually affecting if calibration is loaded on login or not (this restores functionality that was lost with the initial DisplayCAL 3.1 release).
  • Windows: The application, setup and Argyll USB driver installer executables are now digitally signed (starting from October 18, 2016 with SHA-1 digest for and dual SHA-1 and SHA-256 digests for from October 21, 2016).

Fixed in this release:

  • Profile loader (Windows): User-defined exceptions could be lost if exiting the profile loader followed by (re-)loading settings or restoring defaults in DisplayCAL.


DisplayCAL 3.1.7 released

This release features much easier Argyll CMS instrument driver installation under Windows – no need to (temporarily) disable driver signature enforcement for Windows 8/8.1/10 anymore. Furthermore, the Windows profile loader now offers a way to define exceptions. Also included in this release are minor changes as well as fixes.

See the full changelog at https://displaycal.net/#changelog-3.1.7 for details.