DisplayCAL 3.1.1 released

This is a bugfix/maintenance release for 3.1.

If you update from DisplayCAL 3.1 standalone under Windows using the installer, please close the profile loader manually (if it is running) before running setup – due to an unfortunate bug, the installer may not be able to close and restart the profile loader automatically, which may then require using the task manager to end the profile loader process. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Added in this release:

  • Profile loader (Windows): Right-click menu items to open Windows color management and display settings.

Changed in this release:

  • Profile loader (Windows):
    • Detect f.lux and dispcal/dispread when running outside DisplayCAL.
    • Don’t notify on launch or when detecting DisplayCAL or madVR.
    • Detect madVR through window enumeration instead of via madHcNet (so madVR can be updated without having to close and restart the profile loader).
    • Enforce calibration state periodically regardless of video card gamma table state.
    • Don’t use Windows native notifications to overcome their limitations (maximum number of lines, text wrapping).
    • Show profile associations and video card gamma table state in notification popup.

Fixed in this release:

  • Error after measurements when doing verification with “Untethered” selected as display device and using a simulation profile (not as target).
  • Windows: Sporadic application errors on logout/reboot/shutdown on some systems when DisplayCAL or one of the other applications was still running.
  • Standalone installer (Windows): Remove dispcalGUI program group entries on upgrade.
  • Profile loader (Windows):
    • Error when trying to enable “Fix profile associations automatically” when one or more display devices don’t have a profile assigned.
    • Sporadic errors related to taskbar icon redraw on some systems when showing a notification after changing the display configuration (possibly a wxPython/wxWidgets bug).
  • Mac OS X: Application hang when trying to quit while the testchart editor had unsaved changes.