DisplayCAL 3.1.1 released

This is a bugfix/maintenance release for 3.1.

If you update from DisplayCAL 3.1 standalone under Windows using the installer, please close the profile loader manually (if it is running) before running setup – due to an unfortunate bug, the installer may not be able to close and restart the profile loader automatically, which may then require using the task manager to end the profile loader process. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Added in this release:

  • Profile loader (Windows): Right-click menu items to open Windows color management and display settings.

Changed in this release:

  • Profile loader (Windows):
    • Detect f.lux and dispcal/dispread when running outside DisplayCAL.
    • Don’t notify on launch or when detecting DisplayCAL or madVR.
    • Detect madVR through window enumeration instead of via madHcNet (so madVR can be updated without having to close and restart the profile loader).
    • Enforce calibration state periodically regardless of video card gamma table state.
    • Don’t use Windows native notifications to overcome their limitations (maximum number of lines, text wrapping).
    • Show profile associations and video card gamma table state in notification popup.

Fixed in this release:

  • Error after measurements when doing verification with “Untethered” selected as display device and using a simulation profile (not as target).
  • Windows: Sporadic application errors on logout/reboot/shutdown on some systems when DisplayCAL or one of the other applications was still running.
  • Standalone installer (Windows): Remove dispcalGUI program group entries on upgrade.
  • Profile loader (Windows):
    • Error when trying to enable “Fix profile associations automatically” when one or more display devices don’t have a profile assigned.
    • Sporadic errors related to taskbar icon redraw on some systems when showing a notification after changing the display configuration (possibly a wxPython/wxWidgets bug).
  • Mac OS X: Application hang when trying to quit while the testchart editor had unsaved changes.


13 comments on “DisplayCAL 3.1.1 released”

  1. I am not sure how to close the profile loader manually. Disable on the Color Management page?



  2. Thanks. I saw “quit” but was unsure of it’s exact meaning. Are there any tool tips about these choices?

    I have another question: I have an older X-Rite eye-one Display 2 which  Display Cal doesn’t recognize. However, no yellow bang shows in  “Device Manager USB controller” .  The device shows up as an X-Rite device. (Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit)

    Now I have had problems all along with X-Rite software for this device when I upgraded from XP to 7, usually because loading the device driver became tricky as it wasn’t “signed”  When I tried to  Display Pro I had to uninstall the Greytag software to even have Display Pro software to run  at all.  It also doesn’t recognize the earlier HW.

    I saw my device listed in the list of approved devices, so I decided to try it, to no avail.

    (Short version of a loong story!)

  3. I saw “quit” but was unsure of it’s exact meaning. Are there any tool tips about these choices?

    Out of all the items in the menu I’d think “quit” would be the one item that doesn’t need a tooltip 🙂

    I have an older X-Rite eye-one Display 2 which  Display Cal doesn’t recognize.

    You need to install the Argyll CMS driver for this device (“Tools” menu).

  4. Nothing happens when I try to install the driver. I get a message when I click “install Argyll…, “. I clicked “Device Manager” then ok. I get nothing.  A search for that driver in system 32> drivers folder reveals no entries when searching for today’s date. Nowhere else (App Data) either.

  5. Nothing is supposed to happen. When you select “Install Argyll CMS driver” from the “Tools” menu, you’ll get a popup dialog with detailed instructions. These instructions are also available in the ReadMe. You’ll have to follow them to the letter.

  6. I did follow to the letter so to speak. After clicking Device Manager, then OK. again nothing happened.

    Searching for “Read Me” found no “Read Me” so I went on line and found an old tutorial which gave further information, and, all things considered, it seems to me the best option is to uninstall the current driver because I won’t go back to the Greytag software. It is completely uninstalled (except for the driver). Unless uninstall the driver first is not recommended, I’ll proceed that way.

  7. Finally got the installation correct.  My error was to look only in the drop down menu  for the Argyll files. Now it shows up at the top of the Device manager, and checking it out, Win 7 says it’s ok.

    But it’s not. I still get the message when running the calibration:

    “Error-new_disprd() failed with ‘unknown calibration disply type selection’ ” and “Instrument” indicating the calibration instrument is grayed out.

  8. I generated a log file however, this site is blocking it. If you e-mail me, I’ll send it by return.

  9. I have a log file which opens in Notepad ready to send. I don’t see a way to do it.

    There is no “Refresh” arrow on the “Display& Instrument” tab, ostensibly the tab to which you refer is on the page which opens when the DisplayCal icon on my desktop is activated. If not that, where?



  10. Never would have guessed it! Earlier I clicked the circle and didn’t find my device. I did it this time as well, then tried the arrows. It is now working.

    If this runs well, it will save me spending xxx for a new  device.

    FYI, we tried to run this software  using Munki on a Mac and my PC  and got the same problem. That’s when I went out to rent the more expensive Color Display instrument.

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