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    Hello everyone,

    I’m new to learning color correction, try to calibrate the color of my different monitors. I’ve read quite some posts and I think I probably understand the difference between a photometer and a colorimeter. But I’m confused about which model to choose.

    I already know Xrite i1 Display Pro Plus same as Calibrite ColorChecker Plus, is Calibrite Display Plus HL same too? If  not, which one is worth buying?

    I also saw used i1 pro2 in my budget, they have many models, like basic, photo, plus and more. Are they have the same hardware just with software limitations, does this mean I could buy the most basic model and just use displaycal? And these used i1 pro2 are six or seven years old from the factory, does that affect the results?

    If both models I asked about are worth buying, which one should I get? or should I buy both to get the best results.

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    You want an i1d3 and you may want an i1pro2/i1Studio too, as complement to colorimeter.


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    You definitely don’t want to calibrate with a i1Pro2 as it’s extremely slow.

    The only use case that makes sense is to use it to create a colorimeter correction for your i1d3.

    But it has poor resolution and it struggles on some newer backlight technology to the point of being useless.

    Today, I wouldn’t elect to buy one (I have both i1d3 and i1pro2).

    Spend the money instead on hiring someone with a reference spectroradiometer to come and take some readings for you instead. Much cheaper and far better result – of course, you need to do this every time you change monitor, but you could hire someone with a reference instrument several times over for the price of a i1Pro2 and most people don’t change monitors that frequently.

    IMHO, anything less than a spectro that costs $6,000+ like a JETI, Konica Minolta or Colorimetry Research instrument is going to give you unsatisfactory results, although some may disagree.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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