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    I’ve created some CCSS files for my 27M2U by Innocn, which I’m licensing under Creative Commons CC0 here. The monitor’s firmware needs some bug fixes (that I’m afraid we won’t get), but it still is a decent monitor for ~$300 US.

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    Tip for readers: Usually you will use “27M2U (i1 Pro 2, Standard mode, 50 brightness, R50, G50, B50).ccss” for all OSD settings. (Full native gamut of a QLED)

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    Hi I’m using your CCSS to calibrate a 27M2U-D

    Did you notice when FALD is on (dimming on the menu) the primaries of the monitor fluctuate if the size of the cal patch  is changed. (The max diference  is full screen).

    Also when contrast is more than 20  it posterizes some colors (light skintones )

    Which settings beside primaries (50, 50, 50) and  brightness (100)  did you use?


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    I’m super excited to give this a try (on a 27M2U-D)! No doubt it’ll improve results over “close” other corrections… but there are so many different ways shown to set it up that I’m still not positive the settings are getting a verification that’s applicable to actual media editing/playback.

    I’ve done other monitors with and without monitor-specific corrections…but does anybody know the most proper settings with Resolve/Decklink and Windows/GPU? Not necessarily to get the tiniest delta-e with verification, but to know that DisplayCAL is set correctly for the media actually being watched/worked on.

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