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    I have a broadcast-grade Sony HD CRT, and was hoping to assess it with DisplayCAL and my i1DP.  Based on visual look (comparatively) and past professional calibration it received, it looks in pretty good shape, but all the measuring reports I’m running come back way off, with an avg dE=3.2 and max dE=7.5. Most of the deviation is in the dark half of the gray patches, which are all dE>4.5.

    The gamma report seems very odd: the target curve goes from 1.5 to 2.0, while the measured values stay very neatly around 2.2.

    I use Sim profile=Rec.709, do not use sim profile as target, tone curve=unmodified. Not much choice there, since every other combination grays out the “Measurement Report” button. (Unfortunately, it looks like Tools->Report on display device is not available through Resolve.) Any changes in the Calibration tab don’t seem to make any difference. Same for choosing a CRT spectral correction or none, no difference.

    Can you shed any light on what’s going on? AFAIK  the i1DP should be able to measure CRTs. And why is the report’s gamma curve so… odd?

    I’m driving it through Resolve, and got much better results earlier today with an LCD and the same workflow. OS X 10.10.4, DisplayCAL 3.1.1.


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    I use Sim profile=Rec.709, do not use sim profile as target, tone curve=unmodified

    Normally “use sim profile as target” should be set when examining the native response. Also, you want to set tone curve to either Rec. 1886 (will only work correctly if you have an accurate display profile, i.e. no generic/EDID profile), Gamma 2.2 or custom – the Rec. 709 TRC is a “camera” TRC that is not meant to represent a display device’s response.

    I’m driving it through Resolve

    If you did not create a profile, then the only option you have for tone curve is “unmodified” which is not what you want for Rec. 709 (see above). Either measure a profile (a quick one will suffice, i.e. patches slider on the profiling tab all to the left, but make sure to disable black point compensation in that case by enabling advanced options in the options menu which will show the respective checkbox) or use the synthetic ICC profile creator to create a custom Rec. 709 profile to be used as simulation profile with the desired tone curve you want to check against (you need to know your displays black and white level for this, so I’d recommend the first option of measuring a quick profile).

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