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    Christian Sohlberg
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    Thought that an updated thread for creating 3dlut to use with Madvr and HDR content
    was in order.

    Been doing alot of testing with Displaycal and Madvr and there are a few things that
    I thought that I would share.

    1. MadTPG and Windows 10 scaling.

    I could´nt get MadTPG to correctly display the measurement window in HDR mode.
    The window was all grey and you could clearly see that MadTPG was displayed
    using overlay instead of fullscreen exclusive.

    By changing the scaling settings under “Display/Scale and layout” to 100% instead
    of the 300% default the MadTPG window functioned properly.

    2. MadTPG HDR settings.

    I keept having an issue where my LG CX Oled only reached 350 nits peak brightness.
    The settings recommended in every forum for MadTPG HDR output is to use:

    BT2020, 0.000 nits, 10000 nits

    By lowering the max nits value in MadTPG I was able to raise my
    peak brightness (measured using report on uncalibrated device).

    BT2020, 0.000 nits, 10000 nits = 350 nits
    BT2020, 0.000 nits, 1000 nits = 580 nits
    BT2020, 0.000 nits, 400 nits = 710 nits

    3. Displaycal HDR 3dlut

    DCI-P3 gamut coverage was also an issue that I was having problems with.
    Keept getting a gamut coverage of only ~70% with “XYZ + Matrix” regardless
    of the amount of patches.

    Found a good discussion on Avsforum where it was mentioned that in order to
    get a working profile with enough DCI-P3 gamut coverage to use with HDR you
    had to use “Curves + Matrix” and 34 patches.

    Using this setting I was able to get 95% DCI-P3 gamut coverage.

    At this stage I am only doing profiling and no calibration.
    Is this the recommended practice or should I also calibrate to a set whitepoint
    and tonecurve?

    What do you guys think?


    Kamina X
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    You’ve got to be pulling my leg, you sure you aren’t getting a doctored Windows HDR to SDR patch (if the SDR brightness slider dims it then it isn’t real HDR)? I can’t get Display Cal to send an HDR patch to Madtpg for the life of me. It will only send SDR data that has been doctored by7 windows HDR to SDR conversion which is not something I would test off of.  HCFR will do it but no joy with Display Cal. It’s really frustrating.


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    were you able to make any progress? i have all the same problems as you.


    Old Man
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    Old Man
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    Reinstalling the nvidia driver temporarily fixes this

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