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    did you find a fix for madTPG being dim in hdr mode?


    Old Man
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    Did *you* ever find a fix? I have the same problem


    Christian Sohlberg
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    I did get madTPG to display a  10% window (100% white) with a correct nits value.
    Think I measured just over 700 nits on my LG OLED CX.

    I re-installed the grafics driver and used the “Display Driver Uninstaller DDU”
    utility to make sure that I removed the old drivers.
    After that it all worked fine.

    Can tell you after hours upon hours of testing that HDR 3DLUT will not work.
    Panels are to unstable and the results are just worse than using passthrough.

    I tone map HDR using pixel shaders in madVR with 100 nits display peak luminance.
    Profiling is done in SDR mode (BT2020) and I then use the 3DLUT Maker to generate
    the correct 3DLUT.

    If you are looking to do any form of calibration for HDR then I would suggest
    using HCFR with Raspberry Pi PGenerator.


    Old Man
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    I got it working again. ATM, I’m just trying to profile my display in HDR for gaming, which is working. I’m just trying to get the errors down.

    Once I’m done with that, I’ll be moving on to videos with madVR. I’m more interested in static tone mapping with a 3D LUT because it seems to me that will get me closer to what the colorist intended (I’m a hobbyist colorist, FWIW)

    I’ve already calibrated with HCFR using madTPG, which “just works” compared to displaycal and madTPG

    I’d love to have a Raspberry Pi, but last I checked, it’s scalper prices

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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