I have a 1D lut installed, but I don’t?

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    Got a bit of a pickle. Windows 11, last version of Displaycal, Argyll 2.31. ICC profile generated but not installed.

    When generating a 3D LUT, I get warned that I have a VCGT calibration applied, and get visually different LUTS with and without the “Apply calibration” box ticked, but I am literally getting the same results on both my normal setup and an air-gapped fresh Windows install. Plus, resetting the VCGT from the Tools menu in DisplayCAL (with advanced options enabled) doesn’t seem to do anything at all to either get rid of the message or make any visual difference. None of this makes any sense to me and I just want to know if I can even the 3D Lut feature, or if my generated profiles are even usable.

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