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    Hi, I’ve been having a number of issues while trying to calibrate my new LG 27BP95E-B (OLED) and can’t seem to get a decent calibration.

    Hardware I’ve tried:

    M1 Mac (osx 13.5.1) & Intel Mac (osx 12.6)
    Davinci Resolve + Decklink 4K in PCIe Expansion Chassis
    Colormunki Display, SpyderX Elite & Color Checker Display Pro

    Argyll CMS 2.3.1, 3.0.0 & 3.0.2 (used most recently)

    The main error I’m receiving is: Write file: 1, icmTextDescription write: utc-8 to ASCIIZ translate returned error ‘premture nul terminator, non-ASCII as it’s almost done profiling in Displaycal. As it doesn’t quite get to the step of finishing creating the 3D LUT I can use 3D LUT Maker to create the LUT using the .icc file, but sometimes see other errors in doing that.

    The calibration I have run twice and most recently is using these settings:

    Spectral correction: RGB OLED family
    Whitepoint: 6500k
    White level: 100cd/m
    Tone curve: Rec. 1886
    Calibration Speed: High
    Profile Quality: High
    Testchart: Very large testchart for LUT Profiles (4954 patches)
    Create 3D LUT after profiling checked
    Attached is a measurement report from my most current calibration. I used the Large verification testchart.

    Please let me know if there is something I’m missing here.

    Thank you!

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    Change profile name in profiling tab, you may need to delete “2 square” or other strange characters. Profile name uses parameters and should write on a label a profile name preview.
    Use a very simple profile name just to test if this was the problem. Save current profile “param string” in a test file if you want to restore later.


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    That resolved my Write File error! Thank you.

    As for another issue I’m having after the profiling is complete, I can’t seem to generate a measurement report. When I go to verification page, it gives me an IO error (see attached image).

    Verification page settings are default:

    -simulation profile (rec709)

    -Use simulation profile as display profile – checked

    -Rec1886 tone curve

    -device link profile checked with the new profile.

    I still have displaycal connected to resolve, so I’m not sure what sort of IO issue this could be.

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    Check file permissions for DisplayCAKL app on macOS security. It must be trying to acces the folder where you want to save HTML.

    Note: it seems that Sonoma is not compatible with DisplayCAL (python2)

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