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    I am using DisplayCAL and ArgyllCMS 2.1.2

    just cant read luminance value but other data is correct

    so I manually set  luminance to 120 cd/m^2(tested by factory software i1studio)

    would that be ok?

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    Florian Höch
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    Are you actually pointing the sensor at the screen? It needs to be rotated at the “measure” position after initial sensor calibration (for which it needs to be rotated to “calibration” position).


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    I have the same issue.

    Brightness is always 0.00.
    But when the brightness is increased, it will increase by about 0.01.

    No problem when using original x-rite software & driver.[i1Studio]

    PS: The brightness reading of i1Studio will be 10 cd/m^2 lower than Displaycal.
    using I1 pro 2 and smile.

    Tested on 2 PC.lasest version DisplayCAL  & ArgyllCMS .

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    I have a similar problem. I just got my i1 Studio and wanted to test it on my Mac. Since Argyll 2.2.0 is out and working on Big Sur I thought I could give it a try. The measurement started but the detected brightness levels were way to low. It showed around 10 cd/m2 although my screen was near maximum brightness.


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    For others reaching this thread in the future.

    Disable HiRes. LCD Adaptive works as expected with the ColorMunki Photo, but HiRes produces erroneous luminance values.


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    Thank you. Switching from “LCD (generic) Adaptive HiRes” to “LCD (generic) Adaptive” fixed the near-zero readings of luminance for my ColorMunki Photo.

    To help others find the thread easily, I am also sharing the error message that pops up when using HiRes:

    The measured luminance difference between RGB level 0 and 16 is below 0.02 cd/m2, indicating
    clipping. Likely either the display device's input- and/or black level setting is incorrect, and/or
    the output levels configuration of the graphics driver is wrong.
    If your display device has a setting for input levels, please set it to full range RGB (0-255). If
    your display device doesn't have such a setting, set your graphics driver to output limited range
    (16-235) instead. Select "Retry" after making either change.
    If neither your display nor graphics driver has a range setting, you can also fix the output levels
    using the video card gamma table by clicking "Continue", but note that this is the least preferable
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