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    Just yesterday I got a colormunki photo and started making a colorimeter CCMX.

    I decided to measure the color gamut of the display with a spectrometer, and when I measured it with HCFR, I found that there were big differences in the color gamut measured depending on the CMF.

    On my narrow color gamut display, when observed using cie1931, the color gamut complies with rec709 is output, but when using cie2012, the angle of the color gamut triangle is shifted (do you mean the hue is different?)
    The above observations do not apply the lut and all display settings are also reset.

    In this case, what CMF should I choose when creating CCMX?
    People say that 2012 is better, but does this also apply to general narrow color gamut displays?

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    Yes, the choice of CMF will affect the calculated color gamut in the ICC profile (that is created after the CCMX).

    In fact, it is not a good idea to create an ICC profile using CIE2012 because the profile connection space is based on CIE 1931.

    However, CIE2012 is better at predicting a neutral white appearance than CIE1931.

    What I find works best is “calibrate using CIE2012, and profile using CIE1931”.

    In that case, the calculated color gamut will not be distorted.


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    Well that is a smooth idea.   Thanks.   I might try it sometime.   Wont  the  native color be different than the icc color profile for color managed apps ?   In fact some measure probes are calibrated with cie1931.  A spectrometer is not.

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