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    I heared so many article readed expert said ‘using LED monitor is surely using after few year color acuracy is distortion.’

    So this time i need get thru critical print job. Necesarry buying new monitor. It’s spend kind big money cause in my country Asus proart monitor queit more expensive compare Amazon price.

    Anyway I used i1display pro with my dell u2713h  It’s support hw calibration.

    So buying Asus proart Pa32ucr-k. This model include bundle i1diplay pro.

    After arrive monitor i try to use my old u2713h Newer i1.

    It’s kind shock.

    first image is my old i1 using DUCS H/W cali after display cal verify.oh my old i1 labeled factory made 2012.

    well. I knew it! My  old 2313h is almost 10 year! So verifying result is not shock. That’s reason to why am i need new fancy monitor!

    Second image using i1display pro labeled factory made 2023 . I tried DUCS H/W calibration too.

    And…What the hell? It’s so good result?!

    I used monitor power on and 24/365 always power on computer too!

    It’s is true?! Hell…So what’s the articles said ‘monitor is aged blah blach’ theory?

    It’s kind a shocked to me.

    And  My new Pa32ucr is find h/w error so i need to decide change new stuff or refund.

    Well…What do your decision? What is wise decision just refund and  more after time flaw and buying new era model?

    Or just take new one?

    Anyway i used i1pro display every month. And don’t seperlate the usb port.  Normally so many people using like me.

    It’s not had drop or something critical issue. just using well…Kind expert said can use semi-permanent. But result proof it’s not..

    So give me a wise decision !pls~

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