Can DisplayCAL import LUT into NEC or Eizo monitors?

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    I’m looking at purchasing either Eizo monitor or a NEC PA271Q which has internal 3D LUT. Can DisplayCAL import into the hardware slots into these monitors? Or do I need to use SpectraView, LightSpace or CALman?


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    AFAIK there is not support for direct uploading of LUTs to any manufacturer in DisplayCAL.

    But some onwers of CG with LUT3D tried another approach, you may find the related thread here.
    LUT3D Eizos like CG247x can upload LUT3Ds in 3dl format to monitor with the help of ColorNavigator. So the trick was:
    -calibrate CG to desired white and brightness, native gamut (gamma optional). This will write 1DLUT for grayscale and white.
    -profile the monitor with DisplayCAL (without calibration, all options to native)
    -compute a 3dl 17x17x17 (I think that was the proper resolution) that tranforms Rec709 (or the colorspace of your choosing) with desried gamma to the calibrated CG profile (made with DisplayCAL).
    -Use ColorNavigator to upload 3dl to monitor

    Unfortunately that user did not give “numerical” feedback of the accuracy of that trick, just “it works fine now” or something similar.

    AFAIK NEC calibration software (SV2) does not allow to manually upload computed LUT3D to PAs even they have LUT3D.
    Multiprofiler software computes on the fly LUT3D from custom input profiles to firmware stored PA colorspace (user updatable). That approach is not as customizable as DisplayCAL’s LUT3D maker.
    So no trick for NECs :(, you’ll need LS or equivalente software to write a detailed LUT3D computed from a lot of measurements.

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