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    Running Mac mini M2 Pro with latest Sonoma and Benq PMU. Connected to a Benq SW270C

    Calibration is doing just fine and I can find the new icc calibration profile in OSX system settings.

    I allocate key 1 and 2 on the BenQ screen to correspond to icc profile 1 and profile 2.

    If pressing key 1 on the screen it switches over, same for key 2.

    But the problem is that its not updating in the OSX.

    Can’t figure out why this is not working,  is there anyone else having this issue too ?


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    The monitor must be constantly connected with a USB cable and the DDC/CI function must be enabled in the monitor… However, do not calibrate it… Yes, I’m serious. After PME/PMU calibration, worse results are often obtained than factory calibration. BenQ are factory well calibrated. Additionally, the ICC profiles are faulty and cause loss of smooth animations… And a Mac with the ICC PMU profile enabled causes much more RAM consumption. There is an incorrect tag in these profiles but BenQ doesn’t care. To summarize, enable factory mode, preferably sRGB. Install DisplayCal and verify, then share the report…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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