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    Kyler Boudreau
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    Hey Vincent, so here’s the screenshot from my final scan with a full data pipeline…the Gamut coverage is finally higher than it was but the volume is much higher. Is that a problem? And 88% is better than the 83% I was getting with the video/legal range pipeline. But it’s still not even in the 90% area for a display that’s supposed to have full Rec.709 coverage.

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    That screnshot is meaningless. Check gamut boundaries in a 3D or 2D plot and you’ll see where it falls short.
    According to community database PA247CV CCSS (10nm) blue is more or less sRGB, red is extended beyond sRGB and while green is beyond sRGB, it is moved a little to yellow, so cyan-green from sRGB/Rec709 gets uncovered. IDNK % intersection volume.


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    To get color managed good with icc corection a wider colorspace is converted to rec709 or your target.   It will make non color managed look oversaturated.   SRGB in hardware monitor might be close but the P3 mode will have more colorspace.

    Vincent is right.  You need to look at 3d or 2d plots.   I wonder if report needs no checkboxs or just checkbox simulation profile.    My plot matches with no boxs and do not with simulation profile.     I do not see the inaccuracy 11 max in the make profile screen but selfcheck show no inaccurcy.    I get a ok report in simulution and excellant in report with no boxs check.  It is confusing, complicated and sensitive color correcting.    Sometimes working to long will get a better report the next morning when all meters cool down and screen cools down.

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