DisplayCAL 3.6 released

Added in this release:

  • [Feature] Adjustable weighting between luminance and saturation preservation for HDR SMPTE 2084 3D LUTs with roll-off tonemapping.
  • [Feature] Option to adjust the roll-off for HDR SMPTE 2084 3D LUTs with roll-off tonemapping when the mastering display peak luminance is below 10000 cd/m² (previous behavior with the introduction of BT.2390-2 was to always adjust, the new default behavior is don’t adjust).

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] Improved HDR 3D LUT SMPTE 2084 roll-off tonemapping to eliminate possible over-darkening in rolled-off highlights due to luminance reduction related effects.
  • [Enhancement] Removed HDR 3D LUT SMPTE 2084 roll-off tonemapping allowance for hue shifts in rolled-off highlights.
  • [Enhancement] Increased HDR 3D LUT SMPTE 2084 default target peak luminance to 480 cd/m² (makes BT.2390 roll-off leave 0-100 cd/m² alone).
  • [Enhancement] Use extended model for HDR 3D LUT Hybrid-Log Gamma (HLG) display gamma adjustment described in BT.2390-4.
  • [Enhancement] Do not create PCS-to-device tables for synthetic HDR SMPTE 2084 profiles with roll-off tonemapping as they are meant purely as source profiles.
  • [Enhancement] Only enable the visual whitepoint editor button if the whitepoint target is set to chromaticity coordinates.
  • [UI] Keep dropdowns with only one choice enabled.
  • [Cosmetic] Catch any madTPG connection errors to show a nicer error dialog without a traceback.
  • [Trivial] Do not update the profile description when increasing the effective resolution of an existing profile’s PCS-to-device tables.
  • [Trivial] Testchart editor: Only limit the view to six decimal digits, not the underlying data.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Minor] Confirm instrument placement when madTPG is not fullscreen.
  • [Minor] Creating synthetic grayscale profiles with HLG tone response did not work correctly.
  • [Trivial] Set allowed filetypes for selecting files when importing 3rd party software colorimeter corrections to “any”.
  • [Trivial] Mac OS X: Updated bundled Python to 2.7.15 which includes a recent version of OpenSSL (fixes SSL connection errors due to more recent server-side encryption when using the standalone application bundles).
  • [Trivial] Mac OS X: Restored correct BundleId for application bundles.
  • [UI] Linux (GTK3 under Wayland): Explicit refresh/update needed for ClientDC (fixes graphs not updating until the window is resized).