DisplayCAL 3.5.3 released

Added in this release:

  • [Feature] Rudimentary ICCv4 profile autoconversion support (only matrix profile types).
  • [Enhancement] Lookup table based test profiles for evaluating display color management.
  • [Enhancement] Profile information: Ability to plot CMYK profile tone response curves.
  • [Feature] Profile loader (Windows): Tray icon animation toggle.

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] HDR SMPTE 2084 roll-off 3D LUT: Improved tone mapping.
  • [Enhancement] Slightly improved accuracy of XYZ LUT profile CIECAM02 gamut mapping.
  • Linux: Temporarily restored compatibility with wxPython 2.8.11/12 to support older distribution LTS releases that have not yet reached end-of-life. Note that this compatibility will not be maintained indefinitely, and will likely end by no later than April 2019. If you cannot update to a newer wxPython version on your current Linux distribution, consider upgrading your distribution to the latest release if possible.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Minor] Restored ability to create profiles from non RGB device measurement files.
  • [Minor] Profile information: Deal with potential NULL values in meta tags of 3rd party ICC profiles.
  • [Trivial] Profile information: Correctly parse non-default device media type attributes.
  • [Trivial] Profile information: Keep original tag order of 3rd party profiles when checking ID.
  • [Minor] Profile loader (Windows): Popup menu items stopped responding when used for a long time.