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  1. I’m desperate after having now tried for 2 days to create a 3dlut with DisplayCal for eeColorBox:
    the result is always a washed out picture, compared to the manually calibrated (or even non-calibrated) projector image.
    I think I’ve now tried every possible combination of RGB-range settings, that makes sens to me:
    1. PC: 0-255 + MadVR 16-235 + projector 16-235
    2. PC: 0-255 + MadVR 0-255 + projector 0-255
    3. PC: 16-235 + MadVR 0-255 + projector 16-235
    4. PC: 16-235 + MadVR 16-235 + projector 16-235
    all those ones I tried in combination with
    3dlut-file-settings for eeColor Box:
    a. input: 16-235 + output: 16-235
    b. input: 0-255 + output: 0-255
    c. input: 16-235 + output: 0-255
    d. input: 0-255 + output: 16-235
    And the resulting 3dlut still gives a washed out picture compared to 3dlut_6 (=pass-through) or eecolor-box switched of.

    Can anybody help?

  2. What’s your measurement device, the make/model and the actual contrast ratio of your projector (measure through madTPG, in DisplayCAL menu Tools -> Report on uncalibrated display)? And what tone curve are you using for the 3D LUT?

  3. Translated by Google Translater

    Hello everybody,
    I use so far HCFR with EODIS3 for the basic in my JVC projector set.
    Unfortunately I am neither a Spezi nor can I speak English well 🙁

    I would like to use DisplayCal to adjust and measure my projector together with madVR on my HTPC to get the best possible picture.
    That should be possible with a 3D LUT.

    Therefore, I allow myself here the question of whether you know a German specialist, the one time for money by TeamViewer shows the necessary settings and steps.

    Thank you and have a nice weekend

  4. Hi! Is it possible to create 3DLUT for madVR above videolut?I have ICC-calibrated display on Windows. And everytime I use calibrated madVR renderer in KMPlayer, it resets videolut to linear. And after exiting KMPlayer, videolut is restrored. So I get color changes on entire screen when player starts and closes. Can I set up not to reset videolut? So madVR would be calibrated above it.

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