DisplayCAL 3.3.2 released

This is a maintenance/bugfix release.

Added in this release:

  • IPT and Lpt color spaces (profile information 2D and 3D gamut view, testchart editor 3D view).
  • ACEScg and DCDM X’Y’Z’ source profiles.

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] Changed HDR 3D LUT SMPTE 2084 roll-off colorimetric rendering to do gamut mapping in ICtCp (slightly improved hue and saturation preservation of bright saturated colors).
  • [Trivial] Include output levels detection related files in session archives.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Moderate] Unhandled exception when trying to set a white or black level target on the calibration tab via the newly introduced measurement buttons (regression of a change in DisplayCAL 3.3.x, SVN revision r4557).
  • [Moderate] Black point compensation for cLUT-type profiles in the advanced options did not work correctly (regression of a change in DisplayCAL 3.3.x, SVN revision r4538).
  • [Moderate] Unhandled exception when creating L*a*b* LUT profiles (regression of multiprocessing changes in DisplayCAL 3.3.x, SVN revision r4433). Note that creating L*a*b* LUT profiles is not recommended due to the limited ICC encoding range (not suitable for wide-gamut) and lower accuracy and smoothness compared to XYZ LUT.
  • [Minor] Output levels detection and alternate forward profiler were not working when using output levels quantization via additional dispread command line option -Z nbits.
  • [Minor] Do not create shaper curves for gamma + matrix profiles.
  • [Minor] Don’t fall back to colorimetric rendering for HDR 3D LUT SMPTE 2084 roll-off when using luminance matched appearance or luminance preserving perceptual appearance rendering intents.
  • [Trivial] DIN99c and DIN99d white point misalignment (profile information 2D and 3D gamut view, testchart editor 3D view).
  • [UI] [Cosmetic] Change info panel text to use system text color instead of defaulting to black.
  • [Minor] Linux (0install): Prevent system-installed protobuf package shadowing 0install implementation.

DisplayCAL 3.3 released

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just released DisplayCAL 3.3.


  • Better multi CPU/multi core support and overall speed enhancement due to smaller default patch sets using an alternate forward profiling method.
  • Calibration whitepoint targets other than “As measured” will now also be used as 3D LUT whitepoint target, allowing the use of the visual whitepoint editor to set a custom whitepoint target for 3D LUTs.
  • The visual whitepoint editor is now compatible with Chromecast, Web @ localhost, madVR, Prisma and Resolve pattern generators.
  • Automatic output levels detection, and manual output levels selection as an advanced option.
  • New experimental profiling patch sequence advanced options.
  • Profile loader (Windows): Windows 10 Creators Update compatibility.

See the changelog for the (huge!) full list of changes.


DisplayCAL 3.2.4 released

Added in this release:

  • Korean translation thanks to 김환(Howard Kim).

Changed in this release:

  • Disable observer selection if observer is set by a colorimeter correction.
  • 3D LUT maker: Enable black output offset choice for 16-bit table-based source profiles.
  • Profile loader (Windows): “Automatically fix profile associations” is now enabled by default.
  • Build system: Filter out “build”, “dist” as well as entries starting with a dot (“.”) to speed up traversing the source directory tree (distutils/setuptools hack).

Fixed in this release:

  • Could not create colorimeter correction from existing measurements for instruments that don’t support alternative standard observers.
  • ColorHug / ColorHug2 “Auto” measurement mode threw an error if the extended display identification data did not contain a model name.
  • [Trivial/cosmetic] Testchart editor: When adding reference patches, resize row labels if needed.
  • Profile loader (Linux): When errors occured during calibration loading, there was no longer any message popup.
  • Profile loader (Windows): Filter non-existing profiles (e.g. ones that have been deleted via Windows Explorer without first disassociating them from the display device) from the list of associated profiles (same behavior as Windows color management settings).
  • Profile loader (Windows): When changing the language on-the-fly via DisplayCAL, update primary display device identfier string.

DisplayCAL 3.2.3 released

This is a bugfix and maintenance release.

Changed in this release:

  • Updated traditional chinese translation (thanks to 楊添明).
  • Profile loader (Windows): When creating the profile loader launcher task, set it to stop existing instance of the task when launching to circumvent a possible Windows bug where a task would not start even if no previous instance was running.

Fixed in this release:

  • When querying the online colorimeter corrections database for matching corrections, only query for corrections with a matching manufacturer ID in addition to a matching display model name (fixes corrections being offered for displays from different manufacturers, but matching model names).
  • Profile loader (Windows): Fix unhandled exception if no profile is assigned to a display (regression of a change to show the profile description instead of just the file name in DisplayCAL 3.2.1).

Happy new year everyone!

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