#9507 (Bug) Mouse hangs every three seconds

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Component: DisplayCAL | Milestone: 3.5
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I have a Lenovo Core i7 machine (Lenovo W530), running with Windows 10. Every three seconds, my mouse hangs for a short instant. This issue had been reported earlier and seems to habe been fixed for some machines, but it continues to exist on mine. Thank you for your assistance!

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  1. I’m not familiar with this but just to add some observation: after I upgraded to Windows 10 1709 recently, I also saw my mouse pointer hangs every 3 seconds, even with keep calibration status turned off (gray icon). It’s on a laptop with Intel i7-7700HQ with Optimus GTX 1060.

    Although I didn’t have this issue with DisplayCAL profile loader before 1709, I did have hanging mouse cursors quite often when the system is busy (can be reliably reproduced when a UAC pop-up is triggered, mouse cursor hangs for about half a second until the pop-up window is shown), and it sort of became worse on 1709 (it could be that 1709 also updated my Intel graphics driver which introduced the problem, but I haven’t checked). I don’t recall the same issue, at least not to this degree, on my previous laptop which only has a integrated GPU.

    Interestingly, after I bought an external display last week and plugged it into the mDP port, which happened to be directed connected to the GTX 1060 (no Optimus anymore), and only use the external display, all sorts of mouse cursor hanging issues are gone.

    So again this might relate to Intel’s graphics driver, especially with Optimus.

  2. I have the same issue with an Asus N76 with two GPU with Optimus. In fact , the problem is not only on the mouse but on the whole system which is very annoying especially when I look to a video. I think I will switch back to i1Profiler until this issue is fixed.

  3. I had the same freezing issue, and boday’s experience helped me fix the problem on my computer.

    I too have an nvidia+intel Optimus video combo, and here are the steps that fixed it for me:

    On the Desktop, right-click and select ‘NVIDIA Control Panel’
    Under “3D Settings”, select “Manage 3D settings”
    Select the “Program Settings” tab
    Click on the “Add” button, and inside the pop-up click on “Browse…”
    Navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\displaycal”, select”displaycal-apply-profiles.exe” (there is a profile-launcher.exe file in that same folder with a similar file name, and make sure you don’t select the launcher by mistake), and click on “Open”. This will take you back to the “3D Settings” screen.
    Under “Select the preferred graphics processor for this program” select “High-performance NVIDIA processor”
    Click “Apply”, and, to be on the safe side, restart your computer
    Verify that the mouse pauses are gone

  4. Should be fixed with DisplayCAL 3.5. The underlying issue was probably a Windows or graphics driver update that introduced system lag when the Windows WcsGetDefaultColorProfile API was called.

  5. Thank you so much for all your comments and very useful information! And thank you, Florian Höch, for fixing the issue. I will try the new version and hope that everything works now.

    By the way – I tried doodeedaa’s fix, but, unfortunately, it did not work on my computer… Thank you nonetheless!

  6. Sorry for digging up this old issue , but I think it’s worth to spread the word and add a bit more related information here. This particular issue is due to a known bug in Intel/Nvidia graphics driver that has been bugging Optimus hybrid graphics laptop users for more than half a year:


    I just realized this recently, and as of writing there is still no real fix from Intel/Nvidia/Microsoft yet.

    The workaround suggested by @doodeedaa could potential fix the issue, as it would force the DisplayCAL loader to use the discrete graphics, but then I would guess it would keep the discrete graphics powered on all the time, which greatly reduces battery life, thus destroys one of the most import point of having Optimus in the first place.

    And yes I can confirm DisplayCAL 3.5 fixed this issue. Thanks Florian for the great work as always!

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