#20978 (Bug) skin tones on Samsung QM-75-R calibrated to sRGB are too red

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I calibrated an Alienware  laptop and a Samsung QM-75-R to sRGB with DisplayCAL.

The result is quite different on both compared to my Eizo monitor also calibrated to sRGB.

The Samsung displays skin tones too red.

Hi Prior to running the calibration i set the  temperature of the Samsung to 6500k, balances the RGB for the white balance and turned all the monitor’s automated color space controls off

I’m wondering if you can suggest something I may have overlooked  ?

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4 comments on “skin tones on Samsung QM-75-R calibrated to sRGB are too red”

  1. use the native whitepoint and Gamma 2.2 curve. that should fix the colors. just create a profile from EDID (under File in the menu) to get the whitepoint coords.

  2. I used to have a NEC PA271W along with an Eizo CG21 both calibrated to D50 by the same i1pro instrument : the NEC appeared “reddish” compared to the Eizo. I was told my own Color Matching Functions were responsible for the “mismatch” I observed. Have you been to get the SAMMY white point to match your Alienware white point, visually? At all?

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