#17813 (Feature Request) Migration to Python 3?

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Component: DisplayCAL
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Hi Florian,

I’ve seen that in you latest release you have added support for wxPython 4.x (a.k.a. Phoenix), however you are still only supporting Python 2.x (and thus I cannot leverage this new support on ArchLinux since we only have the Python 3 version of wxPython 4.x). Are there any plans for switching to Python 3.x?


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  1. Hi,

    migration to Python 3 is planned, but I’m in no hurry. I will likely drop Python 2.x support altogether after switching the codebase to Py3, but it’ll depend on how much work it would require to support both.

    Phoenix support has been in DisplayCAL for a while (the Windows binaries use it since 10 months). Arch has wxPython 4.0.4 for Python 2.7 in AUR. There are not really any visible changes to classic wxPython 3.x in DisplayCAL though, most of the changes are under the hood.

  2. Dropping Python 2.x is fine I think. :) Python 2.x will supposedly be EOL’d on December 31st, so it should quickly become a thing of the past.

    wxPython 4.x for Python 2.x is indeed in the AUR (and has always been) because we are in the process of removing Python 2.x packages from the official repos, so adding new ones is not welcome. Anyway as you stated this is no big deal for now as it does not introduce very visible changes to the end user.

  3. Dropping Python 2.x is fine I think. :)

    Absolutely my preferred solution from a maintenance standpoint, because (apart from all the Py3 benefits) it will also allow me to (finally!) not care anymore about egregiously outdated wxPython versions (i.e. 2.8.x, although I’m not testing with that since a long time so the current codebase still working with 2.8.11 is more or less a coincidence) without people having much base for complaining 🙂

    Python 2.x will supposedly be EOL’d on December 31st

    Yep, around end of the year-ish is also the latest date I plan to have moved everything to Py3.

  4. Hello Florian,

    Just need to confirm, since DisplayCAL is not included in UbuntuStudio 20.04 (Xfce desktop).   Can I use the profile that I create in Ubuntu18.04?

    Guess there should be no issue except figuring out how to get  xcalib/xiccd to autostart and allow colord to use profile or I will try colord-kde, whatever is less confusing!…

  5. Hello, going further is nice, but the ones that lose are us, the users, who remain without their tools in the middle of their work.

    There are applications we like to have and applications that are unique and necessary, like DisplayCAL.

    I need it back. What is the status of this?

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