#17780 (Bug) Can’t baked Calibration in 3dlut

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Component: ArgyllCMS | Milestone: 3.8.4
Created by Tony Shu

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I want to create 3dlut for madvr HDR from existing measurements
but I get error message “Calibration could not be applied”

If I choose regular madvr rec.709 preset , calibration can baked in successfully ; or disable vcgt in hdr preset can success either but that leave me incorrect result.

here are my Calibration , Profiling settings and logs

DisplayCAL (text/plain | 2019-05-27 15:48:44)
DisplayCAL-fault (text/plain | 2019-05-27 15:48:44)

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  1. Turns out current Argyll’s applycal can’t handle gamma value TRC tags. A work-around has been incorporated into DisplayCAL 3.8.4 (no user interaction required other than updating).

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