DisplayCAL 3.8.7 released

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] macOS: Automatically enable not using the video card gamma table to apply calibration during characterization measurements if using limited range (16..235). This should mitigate issues with older graphics chipsets and/or macOS versions that use the wrong output range internally when connected to some monitors that expect to receive limited range signals.
  • [Enhancement] Profile loader (Windows): A scheduled task now restarts the profile loader after resume from standby/hibernation as well as daily at 04:00 AM (whichever comes first), to mitigate the Windows GDI SetDeviceGammaRamp API leaking memory since Windows 10 1903.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Trivial] Don’t automatically disable interactive display adjustment when setting calibration tone curve to “As measured” (unintended behavioral change introduced in DisplayCAL 3.8.6, SVN revision r6194).
  • [Minor] Linux (GNOME on Wayland): Latency incurred by a large measurement window size was not accounted for, introducing the possibility of measurements failing due to loss of synchronization.
  • [Minor] Linux (GNOME on Wayland): Limited range (16..235) support.
  • [Cosmetic] [UI] macOS: Get rid of brief profile installation dialog flicker after installation.