DisplayCAL 3.6.2 released

Added in this release:

  • [Feature] Measurement report: ICtCp and ΔICtCp color distance metric.

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] Show report type in self check report.
  • [Enhancement] Add actual display profile description to self check report if a simulation profile is used as display profile.
  • [Enhancement] Use the same method to create HDR 3D LUTs whether the display profile is cLUT or matrix based.
  • [Enhancement] Verification: Do not automatically enable “Simulate whitepoint relative to display profile whitepoint” if the verification chart does not contain L*a*b* reference data.
  • [Enhancement] Measurement and self check report: Only automatically enable the use of absolute values when simulating the reference whitepoint if no simulation profile was used.
  • [Enhancement] macOS: On Apple computers with integrated displays (i.e. iMac/MacBook), use the model identifier (e.g. “MacBookPro15,2”) instead of the generic “Color LCD” as display name and add the model description (e.g. “MacBook Pro (Mid 2018)”) when creating colorimeter corrections, to ease identification.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Minor] 3D LUT/verification with a display profile that has a black level of zero, but embedded characterization data black level above zero: Black offset also needs to be applied if not using BT.1886 for correct results.
  • [Minor] When generating high resolution PCS to device tables during HDR 3D LUT creation, use the configured resolution even if low quality PCS to device tables were generated when creating the profile.