DisplayCAL 3.3.3 released

This is a maintenance/bugfix release.

Added in this release:

  • Intermediate auto-optimized testchart step with 115 patches.

Changed in this release:

  • [UI] [Cosmetic] Verification tab: Always show advanced tone response curve options when “Show advanced options” is enabled in the “Options” menu.
  • [UI] [Trivial] Verification tab: Don’t reset the simulation profile tone response curve choice unless changing the simulation profile.
  • [Enhancement] [Trivial] When encountering an invalid peak white reading during output levels detection, advise to check if the instrument sensor is blocked.
  • [Enhancement] Visual whitepoint editor: Use whitepoint of currently selected profile (unless it’s a preset or “<Current>”) instead of associated display profile.
  • [Enhancement] Blend profile black point to a*b* = 0 by default. This makes the visual appearance of black and near black response in Photoshop (which uses relative colorimetric intent with black point compensation for display by default) match the DisplayCAL perceptual table of XYZ LUT profiles (which means neutral hues gradually blend over to the display black point hue relatively close to black. The rate of this blend and black point hue correction are influenced by the respective calibration settings, which is another added benefit of this change).
  • [Enhancement] Measurement & uniformity report: Change average delta a, b, L, C, and H to be calculated from absolute values.
  • [Enhancement] Profile loader (Windows): Don’t implicitly reset the video card gamma table to linear if no profile is assigned or couldn’t be determined. Show an orange-red error icon in the latter case and display details in the left-click notification popup.
  • [Cosmetic] Windows: Log errors when trying to determine the active display device during profile installation.

Fixed in this release:

  • [UI] [Cosmetic] Verification tab: Don’t accidentally enable the simulation profile tone response curve black output offset (100%) radio button when switching tabs.
  • [Trivial] Show error dialog if not able to connect to instrument for single reading.
  • [Minor] Strip the “firmware missing” message from the Spyder2 instrument name if it was not yet enabled (makes the automatic popup to enable the Spyder2 work).
  • [Minor] Prisma 3D LUT upload with 1.07 firmware.
  • [Minor] More accurately encode the black point in the colorimetric PCS to device table by explicitly clipping below black values to zero.