DisplayCAL 3.3.2 released

This is a maintenance/bugfix release.

Added in this release:

  • IPT and Lpt color spaces (profile information 2D and 3D gamut view, testchart editor 3D view).
  • ACEScg and DCDM X’Y’Z’ source profiles.

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] Changed HDR 3D LUT SMPTE 2084 roll-off colorimetric rendering to do gamut mapping in ICtCp (slightly improved hue and saturation preservation of bright saturated colors).
  • [Trivial] Include output levels detection related files in session archives.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Moderate] Unhandled exception when trying to set a white or black level target on the calibration tab via the newly introduced measurement buttons (regression of a change in DisplayCAL 3.3.x, SVN revision r4557).
  • [Moderate] Black point compensation for cLUT-type profiles in the advanced options did not work correctly (regression of a change in DisplayCAL 3.3.x, SVN revision r4538).
  • [Moderate] Unhandled exception when creating L*a*b* LUT profiles (regression of multiprocessing changes in DisplayCAL 3.3.x, SVN revision r4433). Note that creating L*a*b* LUT profiles is not recommended due to the limited ICC encoding range (not suitable for wide-gamut) and lower accuracy and smoothness compared to XYZ LUT.
  • [Minor] Output levels detection and alternate forward profiler were not working when using output levels quantization via additional dispread command line option -Z nbits.
  • [Minor] Do not create shaper curves for gamma + matrix profiles.
  • [Minor] Don’t fall back to colorimetric rendering for HDR 3D LUT SMPTE 2084 roll-off when using luminance matched appearance or luminance preserving perceptual appearance rendering intents.
  • [Trivial] DIN99c and DIN99d white point misalignment (profile information 2D and 3D gamut view, testchart editor 3D view).
  • [UI] [Cosmetic] Change info panel text to use system text color instead of defaulting to black.
  • [Minor] Linux (0install): Prevent system-installed protobuf package shadowing 0install implementation.

DisplayCAL 3.3.1 released

This is a bugfix release:

Fixed unhandled exception if using CIECAM02 gamut mapping when creating XYZ LUT profiles from regular spaced grid patch sets with the alternate forward profiling method introduced in DisplayCAL 3.3.