DisplayCAL 3.3 released

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just released DisplayCAL 3.3.


  • Better multi CPU/multi core support and overall speed enhancement due to smaller default patch sets using an alternate forward profiling method.
  • Calibration whitepoint targets other than “As measured” will now also be used as 3D LUT whitepoint target, allowing the use of the visual whitepoint editor to set a custom whitepoint target for 3D LUTs.
  • The visual whitepoint editor is now compatible with Chromecast, Web @ localhost, madVR, Prisma and Resolve pattern generators.
  • Automatic output levels detection, and manual output levels selection as an advanced option.
  • New experimental profiling patch sequence advanced options.
  • Profile loader (Windows): Windows 10 Creators Update compatibility.

See the changelog for the (huge!) full list of changes.