#9990 (Bug) dispread.exe has stopped working (madVR)

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Component: ArgyllCMS (64-bit) 2.0
Created by latexii

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Im trying to make D65 BT 2020 HDR 3D.lut for my projector (JVC RS500)

Software is starting just fine with patches (79) but keeps spamming this error

i1d3_command:ICOM err 0x0, until dispread exe has stopped working pop's up.

how to proceed ? Ive tried to tick different settings, reinstalled all (drivers , softwares etc. tried differents usb ports.. ) but nothing seems to help.

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    1. Hi and thx for helping, but unfortunately still getting that error. Ive run that with and without debug mode. Ive run it with Spyder 5 and i1d3(pro), same error and always with last patch. Tried basic gamma 2.2 calibration and that hdr bt2020, same error.. tried also from differents usb -ports, with and without extension cable, same error.

        1. Ok, ill try that next .. i just tried with default* gamma 2.2 settings and single curve + matrix with 34 patches and this time i got dispcal.exe has stopped working error..

            1. Morning,

              I tried x86 version of Argyll (after banging my head with x64) and this solved this error. Profiling and creating 3D.lut was successfully.  So thank you very much.

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