#23376 (Bug) Error – new_disprd failed with \”Instrument Access Failed\”

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I have a higher end machine (AMD 3950X), Windows 10 and an Asus PA329Q monitor, and just got the XRite IDisplay Pro Plus.   I do not have the XRite software installed, I uninstalled it.   The Displaycal software appears to detect the calibration device, but when I try to take an ambient measurement in the calibration tab, or try to calibrate my monitor, I get an error that insrument access failed.  Is there something specific for the Plus model I am missing?

I also tried using the Argyll drivers since I have an iDisplay Pro Plus, and the directions say to use the Argyll drivers if you have something else other than the XRite iDisplay Pro, etc.

I also found very little about this error for Windows 10, but lots of info concerning Linux.

Any ideas?



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  1. Found the problem, it was Gigabyte motherboard software running in background.  Had to turn off all Gigabyte apps, including all my RGB.  Really big hassle and just going back to XRite software which works just fine.

  2. You have to turn off several Gigabyte tools for the software to work, like all the RGB, and if you have a Gigabyte video card, like the 2070 Super, the engine for that has to be turned off.  Blaming this on Gugabyte and telling us that they are notorious for bad software is a poor excuse.  I have over 50 apps, and they all work with Gigabyte, and XRite works just fine with Gibabyte tools.   The Displaycal software is poorly written and poorly updated.

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