#18733 (Bug) Issue with green filter in HDR games – until profile reset.

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Component: DisplayCAL
Created by PeaceLion

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Tested with Windows Build 1809 & 1903

There appears to be some kind of issue with the DisplayCal profile during HDR use.
Example is the game “Monster Hunter World”, while launching it in HDR mode everything seems to be normal, however the picture looks a bit “flat”/greenish? – If one alt tabs the game looks perfect in the background, but once you tab back in, the game gets a slight green filter.

The fix? Double click the profile association – Tadah, now the desktop and HDR game shares the profile. (Which is the exact perfect results shown prior when alt tabing).
If I were to guess, DisplayCal bugs up and gives a green filter for a unknown reason until the user force reset the profile.

Yes, I’ve triple checked all other computer settings, applications, overlays and whatnot. It all points down to DisplayCal’s application.

In the end, this manual fix isn’t the biggest issue in the world. However it is somewhat annoying, so if you could figure out what’s off with DisplayCal’s HDR handling, that’d be great!

I’m also anaware games/fullscreen applications can force their own display settings, however the green filter is way off and looks worse than non HDR, nor does it resemble what the HDR should perform like. So DisplayCal actually “ruins” the HDR, until the profile is reset, then it works wonders.

DisplayCAL-logs (application/x-gzip | 2019-07-17 01:39:46)

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  1. Note that calibration should NOT be active in HDR games, applying a calibration done in SDR to HDR is thus a mistake.

    If I were to guess, DisplayCal bugs up and gives a green filter for a unknown reason until the user force reset the profile.

    No. There is no such functionality in DisplayCAL. When Windows 10 engages HDR, it unloads the calibration (and this is how it should be).

  2. In that case, how come DisplayCal interfers with the HDR, especially since it’s suppose to unload the calibration?

    As mentioned above, when I check on the profile the green filter vanish –  It also goes away if I simply exit DisplayCal’s application.
    In other words when DisplayCal runs in SDR mode as its suppose to, you can not have it run in the background when you flip over to HDR. Sounds like the user is forced to manually close the application prior to HDR applications? Isn’t this a bug? As you mention its suppsoe tunload the calibration?

    When HDR is used through OS media players or ex. YouTube HDR, it works fine. This only occurs while gaming in HDR.

  3. No, when you switch Windows to HDR mode, Windows will unload the calibration. This has nothing to do with DisplayCAL. If you then manually reload the calibration, you will get the wrong result – a SDR calibration can not be used in HDR mode.

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