#18464 (Bug) Profile loader fails to load

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Component: Windows 10 1903
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The calibration loader fails to load the profiles since about a month.

Yesterday I re-calibrated both of my displays, after which (and after closing DisplayCAL) the profile loader was able to load the calibrations. However today I’m having the same issue again where the profile loader icon remains red with a minus sign in the middle and is unable to load the calibrations.

My setup: 9700k on Z390 with a RTX 2080 videocard, both displays (ROG PG278Q and  DELL U2515H) are both connected to the GPU with their own display port cable.

Attached the profile loader logs from today and the last few days. As you can see in the log of 2019-06-30 after the calibration the profiles are loaded, but today after a reboot and no hardware changes they cannot.

DisplayCAL-apply-profiles (application/zip | 2019-07-01 09:15:18)

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  1. Thanks Florian!

    It seems the Windows update fixed the issue for me on both the computer I mentioned as well as my work pc (integrated graphics and DisplayPort daisy chained to two Dell U2515H’s). No need to disable fast boot on my machines it seems. Thanks again.

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