DisplayCAL 3.8.4 released

This is a maintenance release.

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] Do early detection of highly non-monotonic luminance responses when doing on-the-fly generation of the preconditioning profile for auto-optimized testcharts with 425 or more patches.
  • [Enhancement] Always create a single shaper curve for the fallback matrix tags of cLUT profiles with nonlinear calibration.
  • [Enhancement] Profile loader (Windows): Only try to restore profile associations on exit if they had to be fixed on launch to begin with.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Minor] Work-around Argyll applycal bug with gamma value TRC curve tags in profiles (fixes generating HDR 3D LUTs from display profiles with such tags).
  • [Trivial] [UI] Windows with display scaling above 100% (HiDPI): Prevent occasional text cutoff/wrapping issues on dialog messages by adding one pixel to the minimum width of the message text area (wxWidgets bug).