DisplayCAL 3.8.2 released

This is a maintenance release.

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] Always try to skip initial colorimeter calibration for uniformity measurements (e.g. SpyderX).
  • [Enhancement] Linux: Use GObject Introspection for DBus access (if available).
  • [Enhancement] Linux: Use a default timeout of 500 ms for DBus calls.
  • [Enhancement] Profile loader (Windows): If registry access to the display configuration fails (e.g. due to running non-elevated), log a warning only once.
  • Windows: Only log Windows exceptions that are actually errors.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Minor] If invoked from the main application’s “Tools” menu, the synthetic ICC profile creator HDR configuration could affect the main application’s 3D LUT HDR configuration.
  • [Minor] Successive requested instrument calibration during uniformity measurements did not wait for the calibration to complete before continuing (e.g. SpyderX).
  • [Trivial] Prevent potential blocking of socket binding if a previous instance exited unexpectedly.
  • [Trivial] [UI] Change parent inheritance for pathdialog wrappers so interacting with the parent is appropriately prevented when the wrapper dialog is shown via a scripting request.
  • [Trivial] [UI] Linux: Always prefer the global DPI value (Xft.dpi) for HiDPI scaling with wxGTK2.
  • [Trivial] [UI] Windows: Work-around wxPython Phoenix bug: Destroying a frame loaded from XRC affects subsequently loaded XRC resources (leading to instantiated controls being of the wrong type and failing initialization due to not having the expected interfaces).