DisplayCAL 3.8.1 released

Added in this release:

  • [Feature] Linux: Preliminary experimental Wayland support under GNOME 3 using colord (requires ArgyllCMS 2.1 or newer as well). Caveats do apply:

    • Window placement and ordering is completely up to the compositor under Wayland. There is generally no way for an application to place its own windows at specific relative locations or z-orders. As a result of this, the measurement window cannot stay always on top or be automatically centered. Extra care needs to be taken that other windows are not placed on top.
    • Video card gamma table (videoLUT) access is handled by colord. Some functions like viewing current videoLUT contents may not be available.
    • The measurement window color depth is limited to 8 bits per channel per pixel (but dithering is used to achieve a higher effective color depth).
    • The measurement window may be subject to desktop-wide color management in upcoming versions of Wayland (although the display device is inhibited during measurements via the org.freedesktop.ColorManager.Device D-Bus API which should prevent this, and as a fallback a linear calibration sRGB profile is temporarily installed during measurements if the D-BUs API is unavailable, which should result in an identity transform, i.e. effectively no color management, as well as linear video card gamma tables).
    • Application support for color management under Wayland via colord still seems to lacking (although the list may well be out-of-date).
    • Only tested under GNOME 3 (Fedora 30, Ubuntu 19.04). Support for other desktop environments will need to be implemented separately until Wayland gains a color management and calibration/profiling protocol.
  • [Feature] LG OLED 3D LUT format.

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] If the currently used ArgyllCMS version is not a standard version, but also not a beta, do not offer to switch to an installed official stable version if it’s otherwise the same version number.
  • [Enhancement] Include Quantum Dot LED (Samsung QLED Q9F) spectral sample colorimeter correction when importing for i1 Display Pro and ColorMunki Display (sourced from community colorimeter corrections database).
  • [UI] Linux (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu): Use wxPython Phoenix if installed.
  • Prisma, Resolve: Set pattern generator background color to pattern color if using fullscreen patterns.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Moderate] UnicodeDecodeError when a CCSS file contains unicode characters in the display device description (regression of a change in DisplayCAL 3.8 to use localized technology descriptions, SVN revision r5810).
  • [Minor] APL calculation for Prisma and Resolve pattern generators was off by a few percent depending on pattern area and current pattern color.
  • [Minor] Quick reporting on calibrated or uncalibrated display did not try to detect output levels if set to “Auto”.
  • [Trivial] More gracefully deal with faulty tags in ICC profiles (fixes ICC profile information unhandled exception for colord-created profiles with malformed targ tags).
  • [Trivial] [UI] Correctly update the audio button state on progress dialogs when changed on a previous window.
  • [Cosmetic] [UI] Various minor potential rendering glitches.
  • [Cosmetic] [UI] macOS (standalone application bundle): Splash screen did not animate.
  • [Cosmetic] [UI] Linux: Add work-arounds for various Wayland-related wxPython rendering quirks and bugs (e.g. spacing around windows, popup menu placement).
  • [Trivial] Linux: Try to work around sporadic colord profile installation quirks (“The profile was not added in time”).