DisplayCAL 3.3.5 released

This is a maintenance/bugfix release.

Changed in this release:

  • [Enhancement] Updated french localization (thanks to Jean-Luc Coulon).
  • [Enhancement] When generating high resolution PCS to device tables for XYZ LUT profiles, round PCS candidate “fit” so a good match is not potentially needlessly discarded in favor of a match with lower effective usage of the available lookup table grid points (may speed up the process as well).
  • [Enhancement] Use single curve detection based on calibration accuracy for shaper tags of XYZ LUT profiles as well.

Fixed in this release:

  • [Minor] When enabling the Spyder2, check if the spyd2PLD.bin firmware has actually been successfully extracted (taking into account the install scope) and fall back to alternate methods when using automatic mode if the firmware cannot be extracted from the vendor software present in the local filesystem (fixes inability to enable the Spyder2 under Mac OS X if the vendor software is installed).
  • [Minor] Windows: Make measurement report filename safe for filesystem encoding (works around encoding quirks with certain locales).
  • [Minor] Windows: Windows silently strips any combination of trailing spaces and dots in file and folder names, so do the same for the profile name.
  • [Minor] Profile loader (Windows): WCS can return no profile without error in some situations, but the no error case wasn’t accounted for, resulting in an unhandled exception in that case.
  • [Minor] Profile loader (Windows): Get the process identifier before enumerating windows to prevent an unhandled exception if a madVR instance is already running before starting the profile loader.
  • [Cosmetic] Profile loader (Windows): Detect if the current display profile video card gamma table tag contains linear calibration when checking if madVR did reset the video card gamma table to linear to prevent the profile loader alternating between enabled and disabled state if using windowed overlay in madVR.