Michael Beecham

  • Thanks Vincent, I really appreciate all the help. Yep, on a Mac for my woes (although that may change in the future, we’ll see). I’ve not even tried calibrating my Mac screen yet. I fully anticipate a full Santa’s sack of woes when it comes to that one.

    I just want to get my 4k display sorted first.

  • Gotcha,

    Thanks Vincent.

    Interestingly, as I’m sitting here, I’m watching my monitor. Suddently (but gently) flip to a slightly different colour temperature for a few seconds…then flip back. It’s a subtle change, but it’s noticeable…then it happens again. Weird. I’ve only noticed this since my 4 hour calibration last night.

    I’ll go back to…[Read more]

  • Thanks Vincent…you, sir, are an officer and a gentleman!

    So, interestingly, I enabled advanced options and a new drop-down appeared, which included Single Curve + Matrix! Righteo then, so here are my 3 main screens, so do let me know if anything is amiss before I start another 4-hour calibration. Also, is there anything in particular I need to…[Read more]

  • Morning guys!

    OK, so a couple of things based on last night’s calibration.

    1. I don’t have single curve + matrix under profiling. Is this something to be downloaded, or should it come as standard with the download?

    2. I went for the longest calibration time…took around 4 hours, but the colours are WAY better. I manually changed the RGB and…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the response Vincent, and apologies for the delay in response. I started calibrating the monitor just before I was supposed to fly out overseas on business. I’m back now.

    I noted in a number of places that I should get the i1D3, and I’ll look into that…they’re not cheap though, which is a bummer! Regarding colours, maybe half of the…[Read more]

  • Hi there, I wonder if someone might be able to help before I pull out what’s left of my hair.

    I have a Dell P2715Q, and I’m trying to calibrate with a Spyder 4 Pro for photo editing use. I have chosen the following settings:

    • Photo D50, Gamma 2.2
    • LCD White LED
    • Correction – Auto (None)
    • Changed color temp to 6500k, as they are the temp of…

    [Read more]

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