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    So I’ve found a link while reading the manual again:

    under “Basic concept of display calibration and profiling” the link to “under Windows 7 or later you can enable it” doesn’t work correctly

  • I want to check the calibrated and profiled monitor against the rec 709 standard, how do I do this then?

    I can look a few links up but this will take time, I’ll post a few of them here later on

  • Guys thank you for your support. I’ve figured the profile activation myself and everything works again now as it should. Basically I uninstalled everything “screen” related and now it works fine.

    I’ve taken your advice and set the DELL U2410 to SRGB and adjusted the whitepoint according to the D65 Rec1886 preset inside Display Cal (Pressing the…[Read more]

  • Second Post: I’ve calibrated my one screen again and now DisplayCal says it can’t install the profile.


    15:44:52,973 Loading calibration curves from file…
    15:44:52,973 C:Usersjdb0oAppDataRoamingDisplayCALstorageEW3270U #2 2019-08-08 ↲
    ↳ 13-40 0.3127x 0.329y Rec. 1886 S XYZLUTEW3270U #2 2019-08-08 13-40 0.3127x ↲
    ↳ 0.329y Rec. 1886 S XYZLUT.…[Read more]

  • Hi there,


    I have so many questions… I started calibrating (or is this even the right term?! I’m confused to the max) screens for a movie 10 years ago with a spyder 3. These were several Dell U2410 screens and I used the bundled software which didn’t allow for greater changes.

    I had no idea what I was doing back then but it seemed to suffice…[Read more]

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