• Oh that one – thanks – I did try turning that off and it was not it in this case – this is about loading it when running – I recalibrated on monitor on its fastest setting and after it worked and asked me to install the profile I remembered that a few days ago when I did that it said that it could not install the profile. This time it did and…[Read more]

  • thanks for the response – where is this setting ? Obviously I have no profile loader appearing so cannot reach its settings. I cannot see a fast startup setting in the calibration program

  • Windows 10 – I calibrated a couple of displays with DisplayCal and the new profiles always were loaded up at boot time.  Perhaps it was a windows update but I saw that this process ceased.

    The profiles took many hours to do and I want to reload them. I tried the profle loader which I would have thought would present me with various profiles to…[Read more]

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