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    Guys, can you please help me understand why DisplayCal is saying that my monitor fails the whitepoint delta test?

    The assumed target white point is 6500k daylight and the measured whitepoint is 6490k, still if fails the delta E test. Isn’t this close enough? See verification reports attached.

    Shall i be happy with this or recalibrate hardware and profile again?

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    Florian Höch
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    Correlated color temperature (CCT) alone doesn’t tell you the whole story – two completely different hues can have the same CCT. It seems in your case the calibrated whitepoint is a bit away from the daylight locus. Technically that is not a problem, and may not be reason for concern as long as white looks neutral to you in your viewing environment.


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    Thanks Florian and well done for creating such a good interface. With this Dell internally calibrated monitor I was never able to calibrate to D65 using Dell software, in the past I would get blackbody locus, now I got this result. Anyway if as you say it is not a cause of concern I will leave it as it is.

    BTW when profiling with DisplayCal when you recommend using BPC on or off?



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    I have a 24 inch IPS too, from Asus  (1920*1200). Also have 120 cd/D65. your report looks pretty good for me – despite contrast reported pretty low.


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