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    I have a problem with DisplayCAL and my Calibrite Colorchecker Display Plus device. I tried several settings, but the result after calibration is too warm. Some displays got a slight red tint beside the warm colors. I tried the Colorchecker on multiple PC and I used DisplayCAL and CCProfiler, but the problem was same.

    The device is brand new. What do you think, is it possible, that the device have drifted?

    I attached 3 images, on where you can see, what settings I used to calibrate a Dell S2721DGFA. Could you please write, what should I tune and how can I improve the calibration result?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Nice display.

    Have you verified that the new profile is fully loaded? Best would be to run a report. Have you disabled any blue light filter in the display OSD or the OS? Is it yellow in reference to some object like a different display or a sheet of paper?

    Not related to white tint but some settings you might want to change:

    tone curve:2.2 , because sRGB TRC is not optimal for the nonzero black displays like IPS tech

    White level: As measured, because the adding below what your display is outputting reduces the contrast ratio. Use the displays OSD if you want to hit a specific target. Normally between 100-120 nits.

    Observer:Use the default unless you have specific reasons not to

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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