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    Hi there,

    I have a question about the “ICC color management & rendering intent test” on this URL:

    It says:

    For that purpose, several test profiles are available which, when installed and assigned to a display device, will introduce a strong color cast to the whole display—except in correctly color managed applications that use the display profile, which will cancel out the color cast.

    I don’t get it 🙂 Hopefull you can help me understand this 🙂
    So, for example, on my Mac I assign one of the test icc profiles to my display (using System preferences). Now, everything has a color cast, including the windows of MacOS’ Finder etc.. That makes sense to me, because I changed the display’s color profile. But why should correctly color managed application not have the cast if they use the display profile? I mean, I just set my display profile to that color-casted-icc profile.

    Or does the text talk about two different profiles? One set in the hardware (display) and one assigned to the display using software? Which one is which then? Where to install the color-casted icc profile?

    Best regards,

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