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    Dear all,

    i recently switched to the new Spyder X and want to use DisplayCal with Win 10. SpyderX is identified correctly and as a final step I want to integrate the corrections via “Correction/Import colorimeter corrections from other display profiling software…”.

    I downloaded the latest Datacolor Setup file “SpyderXPro_5.6_Setup.exe”. If I choose “Spyder4/5” (there is no Spyder X available) and click “Select file” it will not install the corrections but come up with the message “oeminst: Error – Didn´t locate any files to install – no CD present?”.

    If I choose “Spyder4/5” and click “Auto” it tells me, that the corrections have been successfully imported, but for Spyder 4/5.

    Question: Have I now loaded the wrong corrections for the Spyder X? Any idea how to proceed? Many thanks in advance.



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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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