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    Hi all

    Trying to calibrate my BenQ SW271 to get as close as I can to Rec709 (understand this isn’t going to spot on but somewhere in the ballpark)
    The BenQ is connected via USB3 to my iMac 2019, the Benq has been calibrated using the palette master software which creates an ICC on the Mac and also a Lut installed into the BenQ.
    Palette master was setup with a calibration for Rec709 100nits 2.4 Gamma.

    I have done  verification test using DisplayCAL and wanted advice on whether its a good calibration or not. Attached are the results and also the settings I used within DisplayCal

    Any help would be great,

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    Mostly useless:

    -extremely poor contrast, 325:1. Check if conected by HDMI that there is no range mistmatch. Native panel CR is about 1000:1

    -poor grey range. That’s Benq PME fault. Your uncalibrated display had a poor non neutral grey response. PME takes too few measurements while calibrating (not profiling), hence they cannot be corrected. A GPU calibration done from scratch usis Custom/user OSD preset or on top of that HW calibration should be hable to fix it with Imac’s AMD GPU (dithered).

    -Also it seems that you modified monitor configuration after calibration. Not in the same brghtness as calibrated, maybe you changed OSD setting to another preset or enabled some uniformuty compensation feature. Go back. That may explain the wrong whitepoint, poor contrast and bad grey range.

    -MacOS is color managed so… not sure why you want to emulate Rec709 on screen. Premiere and Resolve shoudl work with profiles or software LUT3D. Not use about consumer video players and how they deal wioth profiles in macOS, but mpv should be able to use them.

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    Hi Vincent

    Thanks very much for the reply and appreciate your help.

    I do however need some further guidance from you on what exactly to do next as still trying to get my head round all of this.
    When you mention “A GPU calibration done from scratch using Custom/user OSD preset or on top of that HW calibration should be able to fix it with Imac’s AMD GPU (dithered)”
    Does mean create a ICC profile using DisplayCAL to then work along side the Hardware LUT already embedded within the BenQ?



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    I mean first of all check whats going on. Contrast 325:1 is way off from spec.
    -Check is it is typical uniformity compensation (UC) active in tehse tyìca extremeñy low cost & low quality panels from Benq in SW series, so in order to make equal all parts of the screen an agresive UC destroys contrast.
    -Check if its caused by faulty PME
    -Check if it is your fault because you (or OSD, or some tool in your OS) modified OSD settings (and it looks like this is true).

    Once you know all these things, if PME is not working as intended, you can try GPU calibration and ther ar two ways:
    -correct the things that are wrong from PME, you make a GPU calibration on top of your CALx preset calibrated by PME
    -made from scratch, withput PME at all, using Custom/user preset in OSD
    Both are made with DisplayCAL. What you ask in last message is 1ts option. 2nd option can be used too.

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